Benefits of Membership

As an NEA-Retired member, you are eligible to participate in some great, cost-saving benefit programs. You have worked hard for your retirement. Whatever you do, wherever you go, you’ll find that the NEA Member Benefits listed here will help you get more out of life and your hard-earned money. To obtain further information about any these programs, go to or call 1.800.637.4636. Check frequently for new programs and services.

As a member of NEA-Alaska, you also receive benefits specific to members of this state affiliate. To view these benefits, click here.

2 thoughts on “Benefits of Membership

    • Hi Debra – It looks like you asked this question in 2017. I think there was a gap in activity as members have moved on to other adventures. I’m Roxanne Abajian. I retired in 2016 and recently took on the job of trying to update our NEA-Alaska/Retired website. To answer your question, Education Support Professional is a title that covers all school employees who do not need a license/certificate in order to be hired to do their jobs.

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