Why Pre-Retire

NEA-Alaska Pre-Retired/Retired Membership: Download the Form

Still working? Now more than ever, join Pre-Retired—providing a lifetime of continued support and benefits after you retire. Select a payment plan that works best for you and become a fully paid-up member while you are still in your earning years. Click to download a retired membership form.

Take a few moments to watch our short  presentation.

Stay informed through free publications, including NEA-Alaska/Retired Newsletter, NEA-AKtivist, NEA Today and This Active Life. Benefits such as attorney referrals and Horace Mann insurance are maintained. You will also remain eligible to participate in NEA-Alaska at every level. You’ll be supporting Alaska’s premier watchdog on retirement issues, shaping legislation that impacts retirees and dealing with TRS/PERS issues. You’ll also be adding your voice to NEA-Retired, which protects your retirement interests on the federal level.

Join NEA-Alaska/Retired now and make your voice heard in the organization that works actively to protect your retirement benefits. Now, more than ever, we must protect against retirement threats that include under-funded and at-risk pension plans, attempts to cut back or eliminate retiree medical benefits, and the creation of weaker pension tiers in Alaska. Help protect the benefits and services that took a lifetime to obtain—join now. For more information please contact Membership Chair Barbara George.

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