Who We Are

We are retired certified and classified employees from Alaska’s K-12 public school system. Through our unified membership with NEA and NEA-Retired, we are more than 3.2 million members strong. We are advocates for students, public education, and the welfare of retired members. We advocate protecting and improving retirement pension and health benefits, including state pensions, Social Security, and Medicare.

Find out more about the Pre-Retired/Retired Membership and download a membership form.

Contact Us—Your NEA-Alaska/Retired Board of Directors and representatives to the NEA-Alaska Board.

NEA-Alaska Retired Board of Directors

Rich Kronberg President
Roxanne Abajian Vice President
Barbara Stek Secretary
Gayle Harbo Director-At-Large
Cindy Lou Aillaud Director-At-Large
Trena Richardson Director-At-Large
Rich Kronberg Region R Director
Nancy Allen Region R Director
Ron Fuhrer Region R Director


2 thoughts on “Who We Are

  1. This is Francis M Cooney retired teacher from Fairbanks. I would like to join this organization to get help with problems receiving reimbursement payments for medical care outside the US.

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