The following individuals have been nominated as retired delegates for our 2016 Delegate Assembly. Voting for 33 delegates will be available electronically October 7 – 21st.

Nancy Hummel
Rod McCoy
Steve Click
Henry Anderson
Don Hadley
Karen Eddy
Don Oberg
Daniel Greer
Gary VanHooser
Mary VanHooser
Bill Bjork
Jody Viscardi
Ed Viscardi
Bob Deitrick
Verna Henkel
Pat DeSmet
Hank Harrison
Steve Toth
A. Bryant Christensen
Barb George
Cindy Blasé
Cindy Lou Aillaud
Joseph Boyle
Stephanie Winsor
Kristina Tornqvist
Katie Curtis
Graham Ward
Patricia Hiatt
Bonnie Barber
Donna Williams
Karla Gallagher
Trish Patterson
Judith Salo
Cheryl Emerson
Sharon Penttila
Sherry Barrett
Loretta Christie
Angela Phillips
Trena Richardson
Mary Ann Bensur-Adams

Mary Bohanan is submitting her name as a write-in delegate.


  1. Any member of NEA-Alaska/Retired should feel free to announce their own write-in candidacy for Delegate Assembly on this page. If that announcement does not appear in the same manner as other announcements of write-in candidates, please contact Rich Kronberg at

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